In preparation for the autumn-winter period, it is planned to repair 8 power units, 59 boilers and 44 turbines in the country - the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

25 июня 2020
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At a meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, Minister of Energy Nurlan Nogaev reported on preparations for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

According to N. Nogaev, in general, the heating period in the republic was held in a stable manner.

“The winter maximum load was observed on January 9, 2020 and amounted to 15182 MW, which is 4% more than last year,” the Minister of Energy informed.

226 energy enterprises (87%) received readiness certificates for operation in the autumn-winter period 2019-2020. 34 energy enterprises that did not receive readiness certificates were brought to administrative responsibility.

“For such enterprises, there are high risks of power outages due to their unavailability for the heating season. However, they continue to carry out their activities due to the absence of prohibitions. Due to the low size of penalties, energy companies are evading receiving a readiness certificates for the heating period. This issue is constantly raised by the Ministry, but does not find support,” N. Nogaev noted.

In 2019, 3996 technological violations were committed in the Integrated Power System of Kazakhstan. In comparison with the same period last year, the number of technological violations decreased by 34 or 1.3%. During the heating period it increased by 135 or 6%.

Also, over the past heating period, were noted 48 cases of violation by heat supply enterprises the temperature schedules of heating networks approved by local executive bodies, which is 20% less than last year.

In the past heating season, the required amount of operational fuel supply of more than 3 million tons of coal and 120 thousand tons of fuel oil was provided at energy sources.

N. Nogaev emphasized that in preparation for the heating season, an important issue that needs to be addressed is a significant amount of accounts payable for fuel.

“As of June 1 of this year, the debt of energy-producing organizations to KazTransGas-Aimak JSC is 6.4 billion tenge. There is also a debt of energy-producing organizations to Bogatyr-Komir LLP in the total amount of 3.3 billion tenge,” the minister said.

Today, energy enterprises are preparing for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

This year it is planned to repair 8 power units, 59 boilers, 44 turbines. At the beginning of June, rehabilitation was completed at 3 power units, 5 boilers and 8 turbines. At various stages of repairs are underway at 3 power units, 21 boilers and 9 turbines. In general, repairs are carried out according to the schedule.

For the preparation of power grids of the Integrated Power System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the autumn-winter period 2020-2021 scheduled repairs of electric transmission lines with a total length of 25828 km, as well as 429 high-voltage substations. To date, the electric grids repaired 1140 km of transmission lines and 65 substations.

More N. Nogaev dwelled on the ongoing work on the liquidation of electric grids recognized as ownerless.

According to the Minister, in the framework of the tasks implementation identified in 51 Steps of the Plan of the Nation “100 Concrete Steps”, liquidation of ownerless networks is provided.

“A lot of work has been done. The length of ownerless networks is significantly reduced. According to the results of the work, the length of ownerless electric networks as of January 2020 amounted to 225 km and 98 transformer substations,”N. Nogaev informed.

In general, the identified ownerless electric networks should be transferred to the balance of power transmission organizations by the end of 2020.

In conclusion, N. Nogaev outlined a number of tasks that must be completed for the successful going through the autumn-winter period 2020-2021:

˗ perform all repair work at power plants and  electrical networks;

˗ ensure the normative accumulation of fuel in warehouses of energy sources;

˗ provide debt reduction to fuel suppliers;

˗ take measures to reduce receivables of utility consumers to suppliers and payables of energy supplying organizations;

˗ to carry out all activities related to the preparation of educational facilities, health care, livelihoods, social and cultural facilities of settlements;

˗ take measures to reduce the debt of household consumers;

˗ the ministries of justice, energy, the national economy and Atameken NPP, together with interested parties, will work out the issue of increasing penalty charges if the energy enterprises do not receive readiness certificates for the heating period.

“The Ministry, together with local executive bodies, continues to monitor the preparation of energy enterprises for the upcoming heating season,” summarized Energy Minister N. Nogaev.

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