System operators of the largest energy systems in the world have joined forces to ensure reliable operation of energy systems

29 апреля 2020
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The association of system operators of the largest energy systems GO15 issued an official statement in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic. System operators of global energy systems, which are part of GO15, jointly develop and systematically implement a set of measures aimed at ensuring reliable operation of energy systems in difficult epidemiological conditions.

In an official statement published on the Association’s website, it is noted that the main task of energy companies in a global pandemic is to ensure reliable energy supply to consumers. Members of GO15 have joined forces in the implementation of measures to maintain uninterrupted power supply, while ensuring the health and safety of employees. The companies included in GO15 are in constant contact with authorities and act in full accordance with official decrees and recommendations. Members of the Association share their experience, including on emergency measures and solutions implemented to ensure reliable operation of electric power systems.

For more than two months at the GO15 professional site, the leaders of the largest system and network operators in the world exchange experience in organizing operational dispatch control in a pandemic, discuss the best practices for ensuring the safety of company employees. One of the first companies to combine their practical efforts to combat the epidemic within the framework of GO15 was SO UES, Chinese SGCC, Japanese TEPCO, South Korean KPX, and Italian Terna.

On March 24, the first joint event took place - a meeting in web format, at which reports were presented by representatives of GO15 member companies on the current situation in power systems and the work of system operators in a difficult epidemiological situation. On the Russian side, the meeting was attended by a representative of SO UES JSC in the Governing Council of GO15 and vice president of GO15 in 2020, Fedor Opadchiy, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of SO UES JSC. He spoke about the measures taken by the Russian system operator to ensure the reliable operation of the Unified Energy System and the organization of operational dispatch control in a pandemic.

To exchange experience, a regularly updated section has been created on the GO15 website, which contains information on specific steps to combat COVID-19 and the organization of safe work of companies.

On April 22-23, two strategic groups GO15, within the framework of which the main studies are conducted in the field of energy system stability and changes in the generation structure, organized webinars on ensuring sustainable operation of energy systems in a pandemic (Operational Resilience - Covid 19 Discussion) and the impact of the epidemic on forecasting and planning in power systems (Forecasting and Variability - Covid 19 Discussion). Webinar on Operational Resilience - Covid 19 Discussion GO15 plans to make regular. For this purpose, a special questionnaire “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Strategic Measures to Reduce Technical Risks in the Management of Power Systems” was created and submitted to the participants of the Association for completion.

The questionnaire includes six sections in six areas selected for the exchange of experience in a pandemic: the organization of work of dispatch centers and dispatch personnel; organization of work of staff; interaction with other companies and organizations of the industry, including suppliers in the field of IT; the impact of the epidemic on the electricity market and the load schedule of power plants; the functioning of the supporting infrastructure and measures to ensure the normal operation of employees. After analysis, the results of the survey will be presented to all GO15 members for familiarization and use in planning and managing the electric power regime of power systems.

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