Until 2026, it is planned to build 7 power generating units in the southern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

15 февраля 2022
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Until 2026, it is planned to build 7 generating units with a total capacity of about 3,050 MW in the southern regions of Kazakhstan. This was stated by Energy Minister Bolat Akchulakov at a briefing on February 14.

“In general, the southern zone is a region where projects aimed at commissioning new generation are concentrated. This is objectively due to the fact that the largest increase in consumption and the largest volume of consumption is in the southern zone,” the minister said.

“Until 2026, it is planned to build 7 generating units with a total capacity of about           3,050 MW in the southern regions, some of which will be sold through the auction mechanism, which will allow to reduce the load on the tariff for end users as much as possible,” he added.

Also, “in order to ensure the stable functioning of the energy system and the full supply of the country's economy with electricity, the Ministry of Energy has concluded 13 investment agreements with existing energy-producing organizations, within the framework of which it is planned to implement measures for the reconstruction and expansion of generating equipment.”

“Based on the results, it is planned to commission an additional power capacity of about 1,600 MW, of which coal and gas are about 950 MW and 650 MW, respectively. Work on further conclusion of agreements in order to maintain the working condition of power equipment continues,” Akchulakov said.

Also, within the framework of the Development Plan for the hydropower industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2030, it is planned to commission about 1,500 MW of electric power using the hydrodynamic energy of water until 2030.

At the same time, the minister added, the Government has developed the Energy Balance of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2035. During the development of the energy balance, “an analysis was made of the current state of the energy industry of Kazakhstan by sectors and in accordance with the simulation of production-consumption balances, taking into account the prospects for the development of generation in the context of sources, as well as the introduction of new consumers, the necessary amount of required electric power capacities was determined".

“In accordance with the energy balance, electricity consumption will grow to 152.9 billion kWh by 2035, the average electricity consumption annual growth in the period 2021-2035 will increase by 2.7%. We assume that it will be necessary to introduce  new generation capacities, according to various estimates and within the framework of the energy balance - this is 17.5 GW. This is due not only to the fact that there is simply an increase in consumption, but many electric power generation facilities are heavily worn. The implementation of all planned projects will make it possible to cover the deficit of both basic and regulating capacity, ensuring the independence of the energy system from regulation by the energy systems of neighboring states,” the head of the Ministry of Energy concluded.

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