Uzbekistan adopted a strategy of power supply for 10 years

29 мая 2020
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The Government approved the "Concept of providing the Republic of Uzbekistan with electricity for 2020-2030."

This strategy was developed with the participation of international experts and is based on the high priority given by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the development of the power industry, radical reform of the sector to meet the growing demand for energy from the population and the rapidly developing economy of the country.

The development of the power sector of Uzbekistan will continue in accordance with international best practices. The adopted strategy has ambitious, practical and achievable goals based on the available results of the electricity sector and ongoing projects.

The strategy defines medium-term and long-term goals for the period from 2020 to 2030. On demand it will be adjusted based on ongoing analysis. The strategic goal of the document is to provide the population and economy of Uzbekistan with electricity at competitive prices, to develop well balanced energy sector, covering the best global practices and current trends in the global electricity industry.

The Concept provides for priority measures aimed at: modernizing and reconstructing existing power plants, as well as building new ones using electricity production energy-efficient technologies; improvement of electricity metering systems; development of renewable energy, especially solar energy; legal reforms to improve tariff policies and ensure the transition to the wholesale market.

It is planned that by 2030 it is necessary:

  • increase capacities from 12.9 GW to 29.3 GW, and electricity production from 63.6 billion kWh to 120.8 billion kWh;
  • reduce natural gas consumption from 16.5 billion cubic meters to 12.1 billion cubic meters;
  • reduce losses on electricity transmission to 2.35% and distribution losses - to 6.5% (1.85 times less than the level of 2019).

With the development of renewable energy sources, special attention will be paid to affordable energy supply to regions with a current electricity shortage. Renewable energy sources will improve the environmental situation, increase efficiency and stimulate the development of local industries, infrastructure and job creation. In order to accelerate the development of renewable energy in this area, widespread use of public-private partnerships is planned.

The full text of the document can be found at:

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