International cooperation

International cooperation

The international activity of the CIS Electric Power Council is aimed at laying the groundwork for a possible integration  of the electric power systems of the CIS member states with the pool of  energy systems of the member states of the European Union and the creation in the future of a common electric power market of the EU and the CIS, as well as preparing conditions and searching for possible ways of interconnection with energy systems of other neighboring states, including the states of the Asia-Pacific region.

In accordance with the fundamental documents regulating the activities of the CIS Electric Power Council (hereinafter referred to as the CIS EPC), the main tasks in the field of international cooperation are:

- development of international relations in the interests of the electric power sector of the CIS member states and participation in the work of international energy organizations;

- assistance to the CIS member states in the implementation of energy cooperation programs within the framework of the systems of the European and world energy communities and the interaction of the energy systems association of the Commonwealth states with other energy pools.

At present, the regulatory legal acts of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the agreements within the framework of the CIS Electric Power Council prioritize such areas of activity as promoting the strengthening of the scientific, technical, innovative and technological potential of the electric power industry of the CIS member states, improving the functioning of the electricity market, as well as increasing energy security, energy efficiency, resource saving, environmental friendliness and availability of electrical energy to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society.

Solving these tasks, the CIS EPC implements and develops new formats of already established international contacts, and also looks for and develops new areas of cooperation.

International organizations cooperating with the CIS Electric Power Council

Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)

EURELECTRIC - European Electricity Industry Union

UNESCAP - Economic and Social Commission (UN) for Asia and the Pacific

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

European Energy Charter

EDB - Eurasian Development Bank

WEC - World Energy Council

IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency

REN 21 - Global Network for 21st Century Energy Policy

CIGRE - International Council on Large High Voltage Electrical Systems

GEIDCO - Organization for Development and Cooperation in the field of global interconnection of energy systems

EGEE&C - APEC Expert Group on Energy Efficiency

IGU CIS - Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of the CIS

IEC CIS - Interstate Ecological Council of the CIS Member States

Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran