By 2030, the share of "green" energy in the energy sector of Kazakhstan will be increased to 15%

21 июня 2021
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By 2030, the share of "green" energy in the energy sector of Kazakhstan will be increased to 15%.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin during a meeting of the Council for the Improvement of the Investment Climate (CIIC).

“In December 2020, at the UN Summit on Climate Ambitions, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the goal of Kazakhstan to acieve carbon neutrality by 2060. We are making consistent efforts to increase the share of renewable energy sources in total energy production. So, as of 2020, this figure was 3 %, in 2022 it is planned to double it and bring it to 6%, ” Mr. Mamin said.

The head of government noted that in 2020 an updated Action Plan was adopted for the implementation of the "Concept for the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a green economy" for 2021-2030. The plan has been developed in close cooperation with EU partners and includes measures to mitigate the most serious environmental challenges facing the country.

The implementation of the planned activities will ensure compliance with Kazakhstan's long-term commitments to "green" growth "while achieving the goal to get listed among 30 most developed economies in the world. The Prime Minister stressed that Kazakhstan has taken measures to improve the investment climate for the development of alternative energy.

“We have taken a number of comprehensive measures to support producers of renewable energy and improve the investment attractiveness of the market. So, for example, to make the demand structure more predictable and substantive for producers, auctions for renewable energy sources have been introduced. As a result, over the past 6 years, the installed capacity of renewable energy sources has increased almost 10 times - from 180 MW in 2014 to 1,650 MW in 2020, ”Mr. Mamin said.

In order to implement the tasks of sustainable development in Kazakhstan, a new Environmental Code has been adopted, which will contribute to the accelerated introduction of advanced technologies of renewable energy in the country. The 50 largest enterprises in Kazakhstan will be obliged to expand the use of the best available technologies in their production process.

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