In Moldova, the regulator increased electricity tariffs by 1.5 times

03 ноября 2022
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The National Energy Regulatory Agency (NERA) of Moldova on Wednesday decided to raise electricity tariffs for consumers in Moldova.

The tariff for customers of Premier Energy (serves the center and south of Moldova) increases by 51% - from 3.15 lei to 4.77 lei per kWh, for customers of the state company FEE Nord (serves the north of Moldova) by 50% - from 3.21 lei to 4.81 lei per kWh.

The new tariffs will come into force after the publication of the NERA decision in the "Official Monitor" of Moldova.

This is the fourth increase in the electricity tariff in Moldova in 2022.

Since October 2022, an energy crisis has been developing in Moldova, associated with the cessation of electricity exports from Ukraine and a decrease in electricity supplies from the Moldavskaya GRES located in Pridnestrovie (previously, the power plant provided 70% of the country's total consumption - IF). The latter reduced the volume of deliveries due to the fact that in October Gazprom reduced the volume of gas supplied to Moldova by 30% (due to technical problems related to the restriction of gas transit through Ukraine). The authorities of the republic expected that the Moldovan state-owned company Energocom and the State District Power Plant would sign a contract for the supply of electricity in November by the end of Monday, October 31, but it was not extended.

Moldova covers its electricity deficit from neighboring Romania. A contract was signed between state-owned enterprises of both countries for the 30% supply of the electricity needed by Moldova at a price of € 90 per 1 MWh, and the country buys the rest under emergency contracts at exchange prices. According to Moldovan authorities, emergency supplies account for 7-8% of consumption.

Moldavskaya GRES in October supplied electricity to Moldova at a price significantly lower than the purchase price in Romania.

In Moldova, a small percentage of electricity is produced by local CHPs, several hydroelectric, as well as solar and wind power plants. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu reported that during the heating season, the share of own generation in the country could reach 20-25% of consumption.

The official currency exchange rate on November 2 is 19.3 lei per dollar.

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