Press Headquarters of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan: history and plans for the future of digital technologies on high-voltage power lines and substations

17 января 2022
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Modern digital technologies assist the intensive development of various areas, their use is of particular importance for the energy industry, as the basis for economic and social growth.

For a number of years, the primary achievements of digital technologies have been effectively used in the electric power industry of Uzbekistan. Currently, work is underway to update and improve them through comprehensive, modern programs.

At the National Dispatch Center

The work of the National Dispatch Center of JSC "National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan" ("NES of Uzbekistan") is unthinkable without digital software.

With its help, it is ensured: maintaining a balance between generation and consumption in a single power supply system, relay protection against possible emergency situations in the system, quick response for troubleshooting, analysis of the reasons for the failure of high-voltage overhead lines, preparation of the necessary instructions to stabilize the situation in a matter of seconds.

There is currently a process of further improvement in the use of digital software. This will allow moving to the next stage, where online control of import and export of electricity, as well as electricity consumption in the regions, will be established.

The use of modern digital software is a constantly improving process that opens up more and more opportunities for uninterrupted and high-quality electricity supply to the population and the economy.

For example, three years ago NES Uzbekistan JSC, in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), launched the DigSilent Power Factory program to calculate the operating modes of the power system.

Today we are working on the next stages of using the DigSilent Power Factory software. The use of this computer program simplifies the calculation of the operating modes of the power system, ensures the quality of its results and allows you to obtain the necessary information about the operating modes of the power system online.

In addition, in cooperation with the World Bank, work is underway to transfer the automated energy management system of Uzbekistan to digital technologies, i.e. to replace the existing operational information complex with a modern SCADA / EMS system. The use of this system is important in the process of operational management of the energy system of Uzbekistan, creating opportunities for warning of major emergencies and their immediate elimination.

The control of thermal and hydroelectric power plants in the power system for many years was carried out mainly from one point - the National Dispatch Center, by telephone.

At present, the introduction of modern highly efficient combined cycle equipment into the energy system, as well as the operational management of large renewable power plants using wind and solar energy, is being gradually improved.

It should be noted that the introduction of the SCADA / EMS system will greatly simplify the work of the operator of the National Dispatch Center, as well as dramatically increase efficiency. Modern technologies also improve the quality of data transmission and allow remote control of the above stations, digital substations, intended for inclusion in the power system, through electronic software.

History of digitalization process in the network

Digitalization in the energy sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular in the electric power industry, began in 1992 with the installation of the first microprocessor devices. We bring to your attention the chronology of the stage of commissioning electrical equipment with a digital program of work in the power grid:

1. In 1992, at the substation with a voltage of 500/220/10 kV "Tashkent", emergency registers "EKRA" of the FPM-1M type were installed - flaw detectors;

2. In 1995 at substations 220/110/6 kV "Shurtan" and 220/110/6 kV "Kukdumalak" emergency recorders "Bresler" were put into operation with the first appearance of electronic programs;

3. In 2003, a gradual installation of devices for receiving and transmitting electronic signals with microprocessors "Kedr" began. Also purchased and put into operation test equipment "Retom-21" and "Retom-VCh". For example, in the same year at the substation 500/220/10 kV "Karakul" emergency recorders of the microprocessor type "Neva" were installed;

4. In 2009–2012, EKRA microprocessor protection cabinets for emergency and relay protection, as well as Neva and Bresler emergency metering devices for 500/220/10 kV Uzbekistan were installed on 500 kV overhead lines and 500 kV autotransformers, 500/220 / SS 10 kV "Lochin", 500/220/10 kV "Karakul" and SS 500/220/10 kV "Sogdiana". At the same time, protection terminals for 220/110/10 kV Ishtikhon, 220/110 kV Samarkand and 220/110/35 kV substation Kattakurgan were effectively put into operation on 110-220 kV overhead lines based on microprocessors "EC Bresler" ;

5. In 2020, JSC "NES of Uzbekistan" on the basis of the relevant resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 29, 2018 and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 28, 2019, the Sergeli substation put into operation. This substation can be conditionally called a "semi-digital substation".

6. In 2023, the first high-voltage digital substation in the Republic of Uzbekistan will be put into operation in the Jizzakh region. The management of technological processes of the 220 kV Zafarabad substation will be fully automated.

Currently, projects for the construction and modernization of power facilities include microprocessor protection terminals, emergency protection systems, as well as emergency recording devices based on digital information exchange. For example, at present JSC "NES of Uzbekistan" has purchased microprocessor devices "Retom-21", "Retom-VCh", "Retom-61" and "Omikron-SMS-356" and effectively uses them in the relay protection and automation system.

This allows to significantly enhance security measures, labor productivity, and is an integral part of the development of the electric power industry! That is why today the activities of enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of the Ministry of Energy are in the process of complete digitalization and continuous improvement of this process, analysis of the best world practices and involvement of expert companies.

An example is the discussion of the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan with the leadership of the Russian company IKS Holding on the digital transformation project of the country's fuel and energy complex in 2021, establishing cooperation in the implementation of digitization programs.

Of course, modern digital technologies also require a constant increase in the level of personnel. In this regard, the specialists of NES Uzbekistan JSC are in a constant process of professional development, which makes it possible to achieve success in enriching relay protection and automation systems, which play an important role in power supply, with the latest generation digital technologies.

Currently, several digitalization projects are being implemented in the electric power industry. This work is being implemented by the Ministry of Energy, NES Uzbekistan JSC in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 4699 dated April 28, 2020. Digitalization programs are being gradually implemented in order to increase the efficiency of the company's financial and economic activities, optimize corporate governance, the system for automating production and management processes - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and work will also be introduced to introduce a software and hardware program for supervisory control - SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).


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