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The government of Tajikistan has forgiven the debts of OJSC "Barki Tojik" in the amount of about $ 500 million

18 февраля 2021
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The government of Tajikistan wrote off the debts of Barki Tojik OJSCHK totaling 5 billion somoni ($ 442 million). These funds are placed on the balance sheet of the energy holding as a share of the government, Rustam Majidzoda, head of the financial department of Barki Tojik OJSC, said on the eve of February 17.

He explained that we are talking about external debts, which were attracted at different times by the Ministry of Finance for the implementation of projects in the electricity sector.

According to Majidzoda, the funds were written off within the framework of the program to improve the financial condition of OJSC "Barki Tojik".

 He noted that at present the energy holding's debts to the Ministry of Finance is 22 billion somoni.

“In addition,” he continued, “there are debts to the Sangtuda-2 HPP in the amount of 2.2 billion somoni and the Sangtuda HPP-1 in the amount of about 1.6 billion somoni, as well as debts due to the supplied coal for the Dushanbe CHP -2 "- 123 million somoni".

Majidzoda stressed that the accounts receivable of Barki Tojik OJSC as of January 1 of this year amounted to 3.1 billion somoni.

He added that the main debtors of the electric holding are the population (1 billion 342 million somoni) and the Tajik Aluminum Company (390 million somoni).

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